572nd Engineer Company

Names in black = More then one listed in the Vietnam Data Base
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Adkins, Bruce
Allen, Robert "On the Wall" 1970
Brown, Gene R.
Cardenas, Dave
Coffey, Steven Lynn. "On the Wall" 1970
Curley, Lavern
Doroteo, Corona A (Not Listed)
Eugene, Clarence "On the Wall" 1969 ????
Fergeson, Paul
Gauthier, Fred
Glyn, Jimmy
Gottfried, Ben
Hancock, Clayton L
Hanson, Alex
Healy, Marty
Hert, Michael S.
Jefferson, Jordan L
Johnson, Alonzo K
Jordan, Thomas
Martenas, Chico (Not Listed)
McCormack, James
McDowell, Ray
Mobley, Senith
Musland, Leroy P (Not Listed)
Nelson, Doyle
Paul, Leroy W
Pender, Edward
Smith, Glenn
Smith, Richard
Thorpe, James (Jim)
Vaughn, Gary "On the Wall" 1969
Wadika, Ken L
Walker, James
Wells, Willie